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Basic Rules & Regulations

General Tournament Rules


Registration will be open until September 15, 2019. Players who enter during online registration will be seeded by region. Registration on site will be limited to Last Minute hours. Last Minute registrants may only register for brackets with open byes. The nature of Last Minute Registration means these registrants will not be seeded. Please register in advance of event. 


General Rules:

All games will be played on default settings unless specified in individual game details. Individual game rules can be found on Events page.

All macros available via in-game controller configuration menus are allowed.

Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire and/or other related hardware assisted advantages are banned from tournament use.

Pausing during a Game at any time results in a round forfeit. A pause during a Game's final round forfeits the Game. You may lose a Set on a forfeited Round. This must be reported to the Tournament Admins at the time it happens; if the match is played to conclusion after this occurs, the offending party will not be penalized. Admins will force a match forfeit if they witness a pause to a match. At the Tournament Admins discretion this rule may be ignored if inevitable defeat is visible or both competitors make a mutual agreement to continue. Inevitable defeat means that any Game paused during a Round, Game, or Set ending move or animation will not count against the winning competitor. Inevitable defeat is only true if a Tournament Admin unpauses the Game and a competitor wins without additional input. 


Player Expectations:

You are responsible for knowing which tournament pools you are playing in. Our tournament pools can start as early as 4pm est Friday, October 4th, 2019. Pool arrangements will be posted prior to the event so that you know when and whom you will be facing. All participants are separated, as much as possible, by region.

Pool Check-In:


You are required to check into your pool 10 minutes before it starts. If you are in a 10am pool you need to be check-in by 9:50am. If you are not checked in when your pool starts you are disqualified from the first round and sent to the Losers Bracket. 




In the event that you are not present for your match, Tournament Admins will do everything possible to play past your match. It is important you know when your bracket/pools are playing. If you are called a second time and do not respond, you will forfeit the match in question. The accepted time limit is 5 minutes after being called the first time.

In the event of a controller/arcade stick malfunction, a suitable replacement must be found. Stopping the match to replace a controller must be alerted to an Admin immediately. If this occurs between matches neither player will be penalized. If a player stops the match to replace his controller this Match will be forfeited.

Play to WIN:


Collusion or match fixing of any kind will not be tolerated. If Battle For The East directors or admins determine that competitor/competitors are willfully manipulating match results they will be disqualified from the event and in turn forfeit their rights to titles or prizes they would have otherwise earned. They will also be asked to the leave the event forfeiting their right to attend the event. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Battle For The East directors and/or admins.


If a player so chooses to forfeit a match, it must be told to an admin prior to the match starting. In this case, neither player would be penalized and the forfeiting player would move to the loser’s bracket if in winner's bracket, or removed from the tournament if in loser’s bracket.


You can be disqualified for not following even and/or a individual game's tournament rules. If you are disqualified from a game you are not entitled to a refund. If you are on time and follow listed rules, this will never be an issue for you. If you do not know where to be and at what time, or what rules to be following, as a Tournament Admin. Tournament Admin rulings are FINAL. Arbitration will only be provided, as warranted, by Battle For The East's Event Directors.


You are allowed a single coach during your set. Your coach may not advise you during the match itself. Coaching between games in a set can last for no longer than 1 minute. Coaches who interfere with your opponent physically, or verbally abuse them, may lead to you being disqualified. Implementation of this punishment is at the Event Director's discretion.

Bring Your Own Controller (BYOC):

You are responsible for having a pad controller or arcade stick to play on. This controller must adhere to tournament rules and be available to you when your match is called. Lending your controller to another player and not having it when your match is called is not a valid excuse for delaying the tournament. Be warned that in this situation you may receive a loss if you are delaying the bracket.

Bugs And Glitches:

Intentionally triggering a bug or glitch that stops the game from being played counts as a loss for the triggering player. Discovering a bug or glitch in tournament does not count as a loss. It is at your Tournament Admin's discretion to determine culpability.

General Venue Rules


At Battle For The East, we have a zero tolerance policy towards threats, harassment and physical violence. Any attendee found breaking this rule will immediately be removed from the event, and will forfeit their event and tournament entry fees. Depending on the act in question, Battle For The East can and will enforce bans from future events. We understand that in certain situations, some may not feel comfortable publicly addressing such incidents. In this case, please seek out a tournament director, admin, or security guard to relay your concerns.

Players will be held responsible for any and all damage to Battle For The East equipment and venue property. The Battle For The East team is not responsible for damages or loss of personal property. Please be mindful and courteous of other attendee’s property. If you find lost or misplaced items, please turn them in to the registration desk or a Battle For The East staff member. Theft is not tolerated at any Battle For The East event. If an attendee is found to be in possession of stolen property, they will be evicted and banned from future Battle For The East events.

**More info on brackets/pools as tournament approaches

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